How the Mystical Significance of Circumcision can fuel BEST-SELLING subtext!*

Abraham circumcising himself – thou shall not try this at home.

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It’s the subtext that sells. The deeper the subtext, the greater the allure of the timeless wisdom of sages through the ages.

What if, deep inside everyone of us, at a soul-level, we absolutely know the absolute truth? We already know the mystery of who we really are, and why we’re really here? We know our true purpose and destiny. What if, deeply encrypted in great literature (like Shakespeare) arcane symbols are calling to us like radar blips, like beacons, like lighthouses, warning us of treacherous rocks, whirlpools and rips, lighting the way home to safety? What if the world needs stories that resonate with the energy of truth – truth forbidden by those in power?

It’s even possible that, say, modernist genius Virginia Wolf, who got her words from ‘a place elsewhere’ was being inspired by the same soul-level subtext as Shakespeare. Her ‘lighthouse’ could well be a metaphor of her holy grail. Her self-inflicted drowning an homage to the equally-misunderstood divine madness of Ophelia?

But what on earth has mystical subtext to do with circumcision? And what, pray, has circumcision to do with the Holy Grail: the blood of the New Testament?

Plenty.Well, while it is generally recognised that the blood shed by circumcision sealed the Old Testament covenant, it has been cynically withheld that the blood shed by Jesus (sangraal) both sealed the New Testament covenant and also – simultaneously -unsealed the Old – with powerful consequences the orthodoxy wants to cover up.

According to the wisdom encrypted in Shakespeare, in the beginning, Lucifer’s rebellion caused a fundamental corruption in the structure and nature of consciousness. The scandalous cover up (subsequently camouflaged as ‘the legend of the Holy Grail’) is how, at the Council of Nicaea, rather than share with us the ‘good news’ of the total abolition of sin that Jesus the Christ accomplished, the Roman emperor Constantine and the bishops cherry-picked and kept in place the very effective Mosaic laws. Far from the joy, abundance, and liberation brought by Christ, the Church strove to keep the masses enslaved by poverty, fear and guilt, and keep the priesthood in luxury, power and control. Human sexuality, desire, orientation and genitalia were primary targets for generating shame, repression, and serious mental health issues.

The original Roman church thus became a dressed-up offshoot off Judaism – a far cry from what could have been Christianity. Those past and present who reference the Old Testament law to decree a sin (e.g. re: homosexuality) are practicing a form of Judaism – and are in total denial of what Jesus the Christ did, said, and meant. In ancient times and cultures homosexuality was recognised as not only normal and natural, but an essential expression of sexuality along the entire vast spectrum between ‘male’ and ‘female’. Lucifer, through Moses, by ruling all normal, natural human expression a ‘sin’ slammed shut the jaws of the giant cosmic man-trap that Jesus the Christ prized open with his blood.

Does this mean the Pope is Jewish? Yes. Essentially. So is the Archbishop of Canterbury – and all those that follow their directives. They do not follow the teachings of Christ, they may use Christ’s name but, as do the Jews, they also deny the essence of Christ’s teaching and follow the laws of Moses!

According to the gospel, if you read it with your eyes open, through the New Testament promise of Jesus the Christ, God has already forgiven and given absolution to all mankind for all ‘sin’ regardless of race, creed, colour, and sexual preference.

This is my blood of the New Testament shed for all for the remission of sin. – Matthew 26:28

Like El Cid, sin is dead, but is made up to look alive. Sin is too valuable a tool for those in power to surrender. The religious extremists, the Hitlers, the Stalins, the Trumps, the Putins, and all those beguiled by their false promises, usurp God’s name to goad the self-righteous into crimes against humanity. The super-egos need to keep us enslaved by sin, guilt, and fear. They need the monopoly on ‘forgiveness’. They need to dole out God’s (already freely-given) forgiveness like Oliver Twist’s gruel. They need to keep all the power and all the glory for themselves.

It’s all about the blood seals
If you cut through the Gordian Knot of symbolism in Genesis, one way of reading the scripture is that: in the beginning, God bestowed upon Lucifer full authority over the creation of all the six psychic-material worlds, the (so-called ‘days’ of creation) the realms below the soul (the first day): unconscious, mental, emotional, imaginational, and physical. As we’re (sort of) told (in complex symbols and metaphors) Lucifer rebelled. He wanted the power and glory for himself. Hidden sublimely and subliminally in Shakespeare’s various dramatisations, he indicts Lucifer, as metaphorical serpent, as raping Adam and Eve, usurping their (our) throne in God’s kingdom in mankind, and placing his monstrous hybrids, Cain and Abel, into power over our inner and outer worlds.

The tyrant Lucifer/Satan/Jehovah, aka ‘God’ in the OT, then struck a Faustian deal with Abraham. Instead of having to sacrifice his son, Isaac, Jehovah would settle for just the blood of circumcision. The blood shed by every male descendant of Abraham would forever seal the unbreakable pact between mankind and Satan-disguised-as-Jehovah. An unbreakable pact later sealed in law by Moses.
Why circumcision? Penis symbolises tree of life.

I’m wondering, why, if Jehovah needed a drop of blood to seal a covenant, why cut off a chap’s foreskin? Why not simply prick a finger?

I’m suggesting that the penis was being used by Jehovah as a symbol for the tree of life! This is not as outlandish as it sounds. In the ancient Egyptian creation legend, mortal men and women were created from the tears of the sun god Re (Ra). Re then drew blood from his own penis and created the gods Hu and Sia. These two gods represented the creative power of the gods.

Again, cutting through the Gordian Knot of symbols through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, when paradise was lost by Adam and Eve, access to the tree of life was cut off by a flaming sword. This ‘cutting off from the true source’ could very well have been symbolised by the rite of circumcision. After all, it is the penis through which the life force is transmitted to the womb.

When paradise was regained by Jesus the Christ, access to the tree of life was restored. His blood, the sangraal, (plus over 400 other jobs on his to-do list) fulfilled the old scripture, the old prophesies, the old laws. Circumcision was no longer required – unless you wanted or needed to remain in bondage to Jehovah. We now have a free choice: grace, mercy, and forgiveness (Christ) versus guilt, sin, and an-eye-for-an-eye (Jehovah).

With considerably more detail than I’ve supplied here (plenty more to come) this is the fundamental existential story symbolically reiterated throughout the entire subtext of Shakespeare – and possibly in the great tracts of literature and mystical poetry of all nations throughout the entire ages of man.
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