Food of Love for the Hungry Soul

shakespeares holy grail paul hunting 3D cover

For thousands of years, as mankind reels from one war to another, the Holy Grail: the secret of true happiness and freedom from pain was thought to have been lost. Of priceless value, the Grail has now been found sublimely encrypted in the verse of William Shakespeare.

The Bard is now happy to share this ancient wisdom with you for the mere price of a paperback book.

Momentous! —Dr. Russell Bishop

Iconoclastic! —Dr. Paul Kaye

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’Tis time t’unveil
Th’ secret of th’ grail
For the truth forbidden
In Shakespeare’s verse is hidden

What if the ingredients of the poisoned chalice that caused Macbeth’s downfall are also the ingredients that give new life to all who drink them?

Shakespeare’s Holy Grail is truly a quest for answers to the age-old paradox: if humans are such powerful, magnificent beings, why is it so hard for us to live together in peace and harmony and share the abundance available to all? Why is it so hard, and so rare, for any of us to find true happiness in this harsh world?

Encrypted, encoded, and hidden in plain sight for four-hundred years are the ancient secrets, forbidden by those in power, that Shakespeare wanted us to know.

The ancient secret of the Grail is now yours to enjoy for the rest of your life.

While the blockbuster Da Vinci Code, inspired millions to believe the sangraal, the ‘Royal Blood’ of Christ, leads outwards into a physical bloodline and dynasty – Shakespeare, in contrast, leads us inwards.

Following the Bard’s breadcrumb trail takes us on a profound mystical journey of inner freedom and initiation.

I believe that many of the key ancient mysteries are at last solved for all time:

  • What manner of man was Shakespeare?
  • Why did Jesus really have to come – and what did he do for all mankind?
  • What role did Mary Magdalene and the divine feminine play?
  • What’s the secret of deep, lasting happiness and spiritual liberation?

—Paul Hunting