Bardass Offerings

unshakeable confidence

'To thine own self be true' is Shakespeare’s key to unshakeable confidence and authenticity. When you understand the principles and purpose of a master, you write from your heart to the heart of your reader. I'll show you how to create immortal characters and timeless plots as if you had Shakespeare's secret inner compass guiding you.

fearless authority

'Screw your courage to the sticking plate'. Dare to make a difference with your stories. Claim your spiritual authority and shrug off nagging, undermining self-doubt. Open to new levels of inspiration, and defy the status quo. I'll show you how to emulate the way Shakespeare uses subtext to cunningly satirise, mock, and undermine the petty tyrannies of those in power.

abundant living

'There is no vice but beggary.' Abundance is your birthright. The mystery ingredient that adds depth, critical acclaim, and book sales is subtext. Even after 400 years, the world craves Shakespeare. But no one knows why. Because no one has sussed out his subtext. Until now. Let me show you how to model your subtext on the way of the master.

About The Bardass Coach

Hi there!

I’ve always been a writer, always struggled with those life-sapping fears that ‘my work is never good enough’, but I’ve only been a soul-centred coach for 40 years. Suddenly, nearly 10 years ago, I had an epiphany that transformed my life and my writing: I began to see the amazing secrets of ‘The Holy Grail’ encrypted throughout the subtext of Shakespeare’s works.

When we work together, I’ll make sure you understand and can apply this seriously Bardass discovery to transform your writing and your life. It has taken me ten years to distil it down to the most concise expression of the subtext possible. It is simply the essence of the invisible thread that weaves its way through, not just the works of William Shakespeare, but also the so-called Holy Bible: two of the most phenomenally successful collections of stories in history.

The priceless value of this to you as an author is it gives you the master key to weaving plots, characters, dialogue, and themes that resonate with your soul and the soul of your readers. It forms the kind of empathy and depth of intimate connection that makes the greatest writers and poets of all time the envy of all those who follow in their footsteps. 

Understanding how Shakespeare has used this universal subtext and applying these simple principles in my own work-in-progress has had a phenomenal impact on my writing: 


  • raised the quality beyond belief,  
  • increased the ease and natural flow of work, 
  • given boundless confidence and enthusiasm, 
  • liberated the voice of my imagination, 
  • and enabled me to dismiss the nagging whine of self-doubt with a shrug of my shoulders.

If, like me, the utter purity and simplicity of this concept gives you a thrill, then you are in a prime position to use Shakespeare’s arsenal of secret stealth weapons to supercharge your stories. Stories that will have the potential to be gobbled up as insatiably as the stories in Shakespeare.

After ten years of painstaking study, I have discovered precisely how Shakespeare has crafted his bayeux tapestry of subtext. I am delighted to be able to share this freshly excavated wisdom with you, to inspire you to write with greater depth, gravitas and humour than you could ever have imagined possible.


As well as having coached well over 2000 clients, Paul Hunting has a BSc. in Psychology, is working on a Ph.D. in Shakespeare’s theology, is an expert horse whisperer, a master of horse-assisted transformation, and has clocked up over 35,000 hours of spiritual meditation, workshops, seminars, and meetings.