My Offerings

Be Clear

Shakespeare’s intention was always 100% clear: focusing where his inner compass pointed. You need the drama of conflicting intentions to be played out in your characters not in your own life! We’ll harness your innate ‘BardPower’ to enhance your confidence and lend flow to your writing.

Be Authentic

Of course you have self-doubt and fear. We all do. So did Shakespeare! Here, being authentic means transforming your fear into strength through writing. Your readers will be immersed and inspired when they see your true vulnerability and genius expressed through your characters.

Be Courageous

You are the hero in your own writing journey. It takes courage to let go of the false symbols of financial and emotional security that keep you small. It takes courage to endow your characters with the truth that lies in your heart. The Bard’s Bassanio, risked everything false to gain everything real. I’ll help you do likewise.

About Me

Paul Hunting, author, coach


I’ve always been a writer but I’ve only been a coach for the past 40 years.

Although I’ve successfully published four non-fiction books, I’ve also wrestled with several novels that, despite great professional feedback, I’ve never felt were ‘good enough’ to publish with integrity. Writing fiction is like getting naked. You don’t want people to laugh at you, or worse – vomit!

Then in 2014, I had a life-transforming experience. It felt like Shakespeare had become my inner coach. I discovered the intuitive ability to hear, see, and feel the deep cryptic messages camouflaged for 400 years in all of Shakespeare’s plays. I could see the hidden, invisible, process he was using all the time to create the greatest writing the world has ever seen. It was as if he had a magic compass guiding him.

As a coach whose life purpose is to do unique, original work always at the cutting edge, I was determined to make these awesome secrets teachable. Having blown my own mind trying out the Bard’s ‘secret compass’ on my own work, I’m in no doubt I can now help you to ignite and unleash the genius writer you really are inside.

You can now reap the rich rewards of 40 years of soul-centered coaching experience blended with ‘BardPower’. You will be granted access to the proven secrets that guided the world’s greatest-ever writer to produce work of timeless relevance, undying importance, and a multi-million-dollar global following of loyal fans.

It’s now your time to hear that standing ovation, and see and feel your genius fully recognized.

As well as having coached well over 2000 clients, Paul Hunting has a BSc. in Psychology, is working on a Ph.D. in Shakespeare’s theology, is an expert horse whisperer, a master of horse-assisted transformation, and has clocked up over 35,000 hours of spiritual meditation, workshops, seminars, and meetings.