Meet the Author Paul Hunting

Paul Hunting author

These days I have two major passions competing for attention: riding, and writing/speaking about Shakespeare’s mystical secrets. For over 40 years I have been an author, speaker, facilitator, and soul-focused life-purpose coach. Since the 1990’s I have been honing and fine-tuning my intuition and soul-talk through Shabdha Yoga, divining biblical symbolism, and bringing horses into boardrooms. Little did I realise that by employing horse-whispering to transform the lives of senior executives, I was also being groomed to fulfil an even greater destiny through the works of William Shakespeare.

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Originally from West Hampstead, London, England, for over 20 years I have lived and worked from the demi-paradise near Stratford-upon-Avon I share with my wife, three horses, twelve chickens, Twaji the cat, and the various furry friends she brings in. 

My daily bread usually includes natural dressage training with my young horse, Boris, meditation, playing chess, creative writing, cracking cryptic crosswords, cooking great meals, and watching Nordic Noir — not necessarily in that order.