Soul-centred coaching, mentoring and counselling for individuals and groups

“In many ways, my book Shakespeare’s Holy Grail is a workshop manual on making thought experiments that transform your life. What if the legend of the Holy Grail itself is also an allegory for our quest to understand the nature of our soul, who we really are, and why we’re really here?”

Contrary to popular belief, success with work, money, and relationships does not necessarily make us happy. However, putting happiness first does make us significantly more successful with work, money, and relationships.

Soul-centred coaching, mentoring and counselling focuses on the creative and healing power of the soul – and how awakening the soul gives you instant access to your greatest inner resources. Through increased soul awareness, you can choose to fill your life with unbridled joy, abundance, and deep, lasting happiness. 

Coming Soon:

This website is still under construction. We’re currently designing and planning the following opportunities to to benefit from the timeless wisdom now available through Shakespeare’s Holy Grail:

  • On-line, self-paced programmes
    • TO BE OR NOT TO BE: key lessons from Hamlet on how to fulfil your life’s purpose and overcome the negative forces within you.
  • Group Q&A & facilitation
  • Bespoke 121 work with Paul
  • Horse-Assisted Relationship Transformation (HeART)
  • Free 30-minute consultation with Paul

Although reading my latest book – Shakespeare’s Holy Grail: The Ancient Secret Revealed –  is not a prerequisite to working together, it will exercise some of your greatest natural gifts and prepare you for the most important inner quest there is.

Contact Paul for more information or to schedule a consultation.